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Our New Home – Copenhagen, Denmark

It has been exactly 2 weeks since we landed in our new home of Copenhagen, Denmark (wow! time flies..) While we have spent this time adjusting to our new way of life, we have had some amazing adventures already.

Our first few days we spent exploring the city center and getting acclimated. The weather wasn’t too bad for a Copenhagen standard (a little misty and rainy at times) so we made the most of it and set out exploring! Among the many attractions, places, and things we have done so far here in Copenhagen I have listed 3 below, but the list could go on!

1) Christianborg Slot – a must-see, Slot is the Danish term for Castle. This is the home of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches of the Danish government. This is the only place in the world where you can find all three branches of government housed under the same roof!

You may ask, why should i see it? Well, that’s because you can take a free climb to the top, and see a beautiful 360 city-scape of Copenhagen. If you look in the first photo below, you can see the gold spheres at the top of the peak, right under that is where you can view the city. The tour is unguided and you do not need tickets.

IMG_4257 IMG_4266 IMG_4269 Christiansborg Slot

2) City Canal Tours – Copenhagen is a major port city, so by taking a canal tour you can view all of the main attractions, for around 20USD! The tour is about 45 minutes long and each attraction is explained to you along with a mini history lesson.

Canal Tour IMG_4598



3) The Little Mermaid Statue – another top attraction, she is known to be “The most photographed woman in all of Denmark” 🙂

Little Mermaid


Who We Are and Why We’re Here…


We are an engaged couple who came across the opportunity to move abroad in Denmark, so we jumped at what most would call the “Opportunity of A Lifetime”. To make the most of this exciting venture, we decided to document our travels and use our creative juices to share our lives with friends, family, and social media—so, here we are!

We live on the East and West coasts of the U.S. and are new residents of Denmark. We will be traveling all over Europe (and other various locations) so we will share our photos, thoughts, tips, and miscellaneous interests with you.

Below are a few photos of us!




Thank you for visiting our page, much more to come. Enjoy our blog!!!